7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2014
Friday, 26th December, Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, India
"Empowering India's Developing Healthcare System"
Investing the Healthcare Solutions of Tomorrow in difficult Times

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Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards, the largest business and technology leadership awards program in the Pharmaceutical industry, cover 30 categories spanning from biotech to Healthcare to CEO awards.

The year 2014 will be remembered in Indian history not just an election but as a watershed elections of hope & prosperity, the formation of the new BJP ruled Government under Prime Minister Modi’s Prime Ministership is expected to bring far reaching healthcare reforms, to dispel the foreign investors from investing in Indian soil & create a favourable conditions of an ideal destination & above all bring clarity,hassle free & transparent policy formations in the Indian healthcare industry. Are we any closer to that goal? Looking at the continued fragmentation of health and care services, the lack of significant support to people’s self-management, the persistence of reactive and crisis-oriented approaches, and some high profile failures to provide compassionate care, it would be hard to say so.That is because governments typically deliver “reforms” that are structure- and system-dominated, and which carry the assumption that what is said in central policy will happen in frontline practice.

The present  government will need to lead with strength but flexibility. It should use all available levers to point the statutory and voluntary sectors towards the ambition for person-centred care, while allowing local leaders to determine the appropriate shape of local services, in partnership with their communities.Government must play its role in public health, through regulatory and other measures; and help to drive national programmes to develop, model and spread person-centred interventions such as shared decisions about treatments, care and support planning, action on health literacy and supported self management.Above all, it should give the system a clear guarantee of adequate funding over a five-year settlement, tied to the ambition, sufficient to fund the transformation, and including building the capacity of the voluntary and community sector to play its multiple roles.The changes we seek should be driven by “coproduction”. That means the involvement of people and communities as leaders and equals – in planning, designing, commissioning, delivering and evaluating the services they need and in social action beyond formal services.

Pharmaleaders Business Leadereship Awards  are an opportunity to celebrate and share best practice across different areas of the healthcare sector – Pharmaleaders want to showcase ideas or services which significantly improve the quality or management of care for patients, and share them with the rest of the sector.Rather than changes which simply raise efficiency or lead to a marginal change in performance, Pharmaleaders attempt  to find new approaches, or the application of existing ideas in a new way or new context, which meet the challenges of addressing rising demand, implement the Healthcare  reforms, raise quality and efficiency – and give patients a better experience.Our best practice exchange will provide a platform for entries to share their knowledge and experience further, in the hope that others across the sector can pick and choose innovative approaches they can pilot in their own organisations.

Pharmaleaders is  looking for examples of innovation from across the sector, regardless of what type of organisation you're in. Maybe you're a hospital ,Pharma Company or a healthcare supplier and you've developed a new process for supporting staff, or possibly a newly-formed clinical commissioning group (CCG) and you'd like to shout about a new approach for engaging with patients and the public.

We're also keen to hear from commissioning your innovative products/strategies to find out how you're getting stuck into implementing the reforms in different ways.
Entries from Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, diagnostic , medical devices, healthcare equipments or large hospitals  are welcomed too. If you're trying something new, and it's working, we want to showcase it so others across the country can replicate your approaches if relevant.Pharmaleaders believe that the winning ideas will be capable of being replicated by other teams in not only in Indian soil but overseas as well. The awards are also open to ideas from overseas, and we welcome international applications.

How to enter

The evidence of your teamwork could be provided in the form of a case study, illustrating a specific project. Or it could be that you address one of our categories on an ongoing basis, in which case please outline this broader approach in your submission.

Additional/support material

Please do not send any additional material with your entry at this stage. Should your organisation be selected for the shortlist you may be asked to provide a supporting statement, a set of financial accounts and optional promotional material where appropriate. A limit of three promotional items may be sent should your application be shortlisted. The Guardian and its advisers may request additional information if necessary to meet the judges' criteria. All material is generally non-returnable.


It is important that your entry is clear and concise and is in the right category. Think hard about how you can grab the judges' attention by making your entry stand out. The judges will be looking for clear evidence of team working, an ambition for improvement and proof of effective change. This last point is especially important: if you cannot quantify any change, you must seek to demonstrate it in qualitative terms. In your submission, you should clearly outline the aims of your scheme, problems faced, solutions created and the subsequent benefits.


All entries are considered by an esteemed panel of judges. Preliminary and shortlist judging will take place in September and October 2014, after which all shortlisted entrants will be notified. The panel of judges is appointed by the Guardian and all its decisions are independent of the awards administration. The judges' decision will be final and Pharmaleaders will not enter into any discussion or correspondence concerning the results. The information contained in this document is correct at time of going to press.

The Pharmaleaders Awards administration reserves the right to make any changes that subsequently become necessary.

Questions on the entry form

Please note that when completing the online entry form you will be required to fill in two pages of questions. The first page asks for your contact details and to select the category you wish to enter. The second page includes the following questions that you need to answer in full:

  • Briefly outline the name of the project. What does it aim to achieve? Who are the target audience? How long has it been in operation? (Maximum 150 words)
  • Demonstrate how your project meets the specific criteria for the category you are entering. (Maximum 400 words)
  • Demonstrate how your project has exceeded the requirements and expectations of those it is serving. Bear in mind that it will be judged against schemes from different areas of the public services. (maximum 400 words)
  • You will also be asked about the funding of your organisation and the specific funding of the project, so please have these figures ready.

Entry requirements and deadline

  • The awards are open to private, voluntary and community bodies as well as public sector organisations. 
  • Your work or project can be any size. We're not assessing the scale of your success but the approach you have taken to improve the service.
  • Anyone within your organisation can enter. 
  • Your achievement must have taken place between June 2012 and June 2013

7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2014 - schedule and contacts

Key dates, entry deadline, shortlist and winners announcements and contacts for any questions regarding the awards.

  • Entry deadline midnight 14th December 2014
  • Finalist announced late October 2014
  • Winners announced at the awards ceremony at the Sahara Star, Jade Ball Room, Mumbai, India on 26th December 2014

Contact us

Applications inquiries

Debashish Mishra
080 42138295


Bob Sengupta
020-3353 2687 



Generic Questions About The Nominations

Yes, you can enter more than one category as long as you meet the category criteria. Please ensure that you enter each entry on a separate application form.

No, each entry must be submitted on the official entry form either online.

Please do not submit additional material, our judges simply won't have time to read it. If you have been shortlisted we will request additional material and details of your accounts.

You will be notified before the end of September if you have been shortlisted. Unfortunately due to the amount of entries we receive, we are unable to contact everyone who has entered so if you haven't heard from us you haven't been successful this year.

No. The panel of judges is appointed by the Pharmaleaders and all its decisions are independent of the awards administration. The judges decision will be final and Pharmaleaders will not enter into any discussion or correspondence concerning the results.

The deadline is 14th December 2014 and cannot be extended.